Marilyn McCluskey

As Interviewed by Abigail D, March 10, 2014
"When youíre young, if you really want to do something, you should try and do it, because as you get older, itís much harder to do what you might want to do."
Marilyn McCluskey

Introductory Profile: About Marilyn McCluskey

Marilyn McCluskey, my interviewee, shared her experiences throughout college, medical school, and her life now dealing with women's rights as a doctor. She and her work partner opened up their own practice for Ophthalmology, and they are still working together now.

Dr. McCluskey is one of my friendís mom, and so I have known her for a long time. She was born in Winston Salem, North Carolina in 1963. Her parents are Ellen and Clay McCluskey, and she has one sister named Heather. She is married to Doug Schultz, and they have two kids, Kira and Ava Schultz. She went to college and medical school at the University of Mississippi. She had an internship in Memphis in Baptist Hospital for a year, and then did three years of residency in Birmingham. She is an ophthalmologist. Dr. McCluskey grew up Presbyterian, but now she goes to a Methodist church. In her spare time, she is a Girl Scout Leader and she helps out at her church for Meals on Wheels. She has blond hair and light skin. During the interview she was very calm. She was wearing a lab coat and was wearing her hair down. She has a good sense of humor and seemed to be happy during the interview.

The interview felt like more of a friendly conversation, which made it easy for me to ask my prepared questions as well as follow up questions. We talked about her experiences of womenís rights throughout college, medical school, and her current life. We started out talking about events in the past, during her time at school, and worked up to what she thinks about womenís rights in medicine nowadays. Also, we talked about the people that inspired her in her childhood to think about womenís rights, mostly her dad. The tone of the interview was relaxed, and it took place in one of the examination rooms in her and her partnerís practice. Overall, Dr. McCluskey and I had a great interview experience.