Melissa Nicholson

As Interviewed by Dani Levy, March 6, 2014
"We cannot be ignored. We cannot, as women, be overlooked."
Melissa Nicholson

Introductory Profile: About Melissa Nicholson

Melissa Nicholson was born in Seguin, Texas in 1974 and grew up in San Marcos. She currently lives in Austin with her husband, Mike, and her children. She is about 5’ 5” with rich, brown eyes, dark blonde hair, and a wide smile. She was referred to me by my teacher and Melissa’s friend, Ms. Waggoner. I emailed her about wanting to be featured here, and she responded with enthusiasm. It was great working with her and learning about the topic of women’s rights.

In the summer of 2013, the state of Texas attempted to revert Texas laws on women’s rights back to the way they were during 1973, to the point where an abortion after 20wks pregnancy is illegal. This angered many women, as well as ProChoice organizations. Being part of the board of ProChoice Texas, Melissa started protesting as well, starting her involvement in equal gender and reproductive rights.

Being part of ProChoice wasn't the only reason Melissa started protesting. Like many other women who protested alongside her, they were fighting for the future generations of women, like her nieces and daughter. She feels that all women should have equal rights, no matter their race, age, or condition. The fact that she gave her time to stand up for what she believed was right was very inspiring, and it was a lot of fun to interview her.