Jeanine Francis Lucas

As Interviewed by Elena Humphreys, March 16, 2014
"I would say that most of my friends were women. I had one good male friend. He didnít tease me like some of the other men did."
Jeanine Francis Lucas

Introductory Profile: About Jeanine Francis Lucas

Jeanine Francis Lucas was born November 28, 1942. She was raised in California with her family. When she was in her late 30s, Jeanine joined the US Forest Service. When she did, many people didnít think it was right for a woman to do a ďmans job.Ē

Men, and women too, told her she wasnít supposed to be in the Forest Service because it wasnít for women. She didnít listen to them though, and she didnít let her friends and family keep her from doing what she loved to do. After serving in the US Forest Service for years, she retired and became a librarian. She currently lives in California with her Husband.

By serving in the Forest Service, and believing in what she, and other women, could do, she helped fight for womenís rights.