Jen Reichert

As interviewed by Tucker Ebest, March 12, 2014
"When youíre a rookie, itís a lot of learning on the job. I felt like there were lots of things I didnít know. I felt like there were lots of decisions I had to make I didnít know the answer to. Now, I just knock it out of the park."
Jen Reichert

Introductory Profile: About Jen Reichert

My interviewee was a woman named Jennifer Reichert. I know her from when my family fostered kids. Our foster care agency was ARROW. My family first fostered a two-year old girl, which Jen helped us with. Jen works as the program director at the Round Rock location for ARROW. She has a very deep understanding of the foster care system, though not from college. She majored in education in college.

I interviewed her about the foster care system in general, but more specifically about the biological parents and the foster parentsí rights. My questions were focused on foster careís policies and what Ms. Reichert does on a case. Jen gave me a lot of information and good detail about what is involved in a case, who works in a case, how the foster system works through a workerís point of view, and more. Overall, the interview went well and the conversation flowed naturally.