F. Scott McCown

As interviewed by Ben Villalpando, March 4, 2014
"I think the biggest challenge that we have, is that we live in Texas."
F. Scott McCown

Introductory Profile: About F. Scott McCown

I interviewed Judge F. Scott McCown about his advocacy for children’s rights in Texas. I learned about Judge McCown from my father, who works for the Austin American Statesman. The newspaper had written articles about McCown when he was a district judge and, after he retired, a children’s rights advocate. He grew up learning from John Wesley, the founder of the Methodist Church. I conducted my interview at his office at the UT School of Law, where he currently teaches.

Judge McCown is a stout-looking, 60-year-old man without hair on his forehead. He has thin-rimmed glasses and speaks with a southern accent. Appropriately, he spoke like a professor with the ideas of an advocate. He posed the idea that child poverty was caused by an economic downfall and poor education. The interview shed new light to me about the struggles of many children of Texas.