John Ramsey

As Interviewed by M.R., March 18, 2014
"If you have to build a workforce, you are stupid if you limit yourself to a small percentage of the population, leaving out half the people and women."
John Ramsey

Introductory Profile: About John Ramsey

My interviewee is John Ramsey, he is my grandpa. He is currently retired and living on a ranch in Oregon. He was an Aerospace executive for a number of years before retiring. John Ramsey is an intelligent man that graduated from LA State University. He is a tall man with a Southern Californian accent. He is in his mid 70s and he rides ninety miles on his bike each week.

John Ramsey talked about how women and minorities were treated in companies around the United States. He talked about his experiences with hiring people while in management positions. The tone of the interview was unfair and prejudice towards the women and minorities. My grandpa always gave women and minorities equal opportunities when hiring. People that worked for him called him the White Knight.