Lori Striegler

As Interviewed by Niamh Gracie, on March 23, 2014
"I believe women should have the power, I believe that you know, a woman should never rely on a man to take care of them."
Lori Striegler

Introductory Profile: About Lori Striegler

I interviewed my neighbor, Lori Striegler. She works with victims of sexual assault, domestic violence, human trafficking, and other problems. She has children, and has been doing this since she was 20. She has always been interested in law.

Ms. Striegler grew up on South Padre island, in Texas. Her mom was a housewife and her father had a range of jobs. She has a welcoming personality, one that is warm and makes you feel like you can trust her. On the day of our interview, she was laid back in attire, wearing shorts and a t-shirt. Her appearance is casual, and does not look forced or over done.

The interview was calm and comfortable. Ms. Striegler has to be comfortable with these issues for her job, so she was not afraid to speak about them. She does feel a little sensitivity to the issues, because she understands how important they are.

Ms. Striegler enjoys her job working with these victims. She believes the problems she deals with are important. She has always been interested in social justice.