Steve Anderson

As Interviewed by N. J., March 17, 2014
"These charities rely on fundraising and people to contribute dollars to keep them going and to help these kids to buy food to provide shelter, and to give them am education."
Steve Anderson

Introductory Profile: About Steve Anderson

Steve Anderson was a fundraiser for the Austin Children’s Shelter. He believes that the Austin Children’s Shelter and other similar organizations don’t get enough funding because the government only pays a small amount of what is needed by these organizations to sustain children. He says that people can help by volunteering and even donating to these organizations.

Steve is 50 years old, and was born in February 1964. He grew up in Wisconsin. He worked a job similar to the one he works at now, raising money for children’s shelters. He moved to Austin with his family, including his two sons. He used to work at the Austin Children’s Shelter, but he has now moved on to another Children’s Shelter.

It was interesting discussing the children’s shelter. It felt kind of sad, as the children’s shelter was dealing with these abused and neglected children. The interview was however very informative, and I learned a lot about how the children’s shelter works, and what Steve did at the children’s shelter. He lives right next to my house, so we were able to conduct the interview in my dining room. The interview went smoothly, as I knew him quite well before the interview.

After the interview, I felt as if there was more justification for the children’s shelters asking for a lot of money. They get much less than the requirements to sustain one child. This is where Steve’s main focus was, as this is the line of work that he did, and still does.