Jennifer Greene

Marcel G., on March 14, 2014
"There’s a lot of unfairness out there and we’re working to try to make the world more just, we’re working to make people more comfortable to come forward when they've become a victim of a crime, we’re working to try to have people become more aware of what crimes there are."
Jennifer Greene

Introductory Profile: About Jenifer Greene

My interviewee, Jennifer Greene, works for an organization that’s goal is to make the world a safer place. Specifically, she works in the fields of domestic violence, human trafficking, and stalking. Her job is to inform people how to help people that are victims of the mentioned offenses. She speaks about ways that she helps, ways for others to help, and ways for victims to receive help.

Jennifer Greene was born in Syracuse, New York, and came to Texas in 1996 to take Psychology classes at St. Edwards University. She took a course of Forensic Psychology, which was a class about how criminals work and how to catch them and this intrigued her, and led her to work at TMPA, where she found out about the SAFVIC Program and began to work on that. Jennifer is an outgoing woman who gives her time and effort to help many people, most of which she doesn't even know. She works hard everyday to plan meetings, events, trainings, and whatever helps people become informed about these offenses.

My interviewee is a very passionate person and you can pick that up in her voice throughout the interview. She sounds confident and well-informed, which makes the interview more interesting. You can tell throughout the interview, just how important her job is to her and how much she cares about what she is doing to help others, because she sounds proud when she is talking.

This interview helps you understand about different forms of abuse and just how badly they need to be stopped. It helps you better understand domestic violence, human trafficking, and stalking, and informs you on ways to help out. Jennifer also attends outside events such as funding rallies at the capitol, which could be attended by anybody willing to rally to help victims of the mentions offenses. This also shows just how much this is a part of her life and how much she cares about this cause.