Cheryl Bell

As Interviewed by Spencer Bell, March 18, 2014
"While women have been given more opportunities and more responsibilities, equal pay has still not been achieved, regardless of what legislation requires."
Cheryl Bell

Introductory Profile: About Cheryl Bell

Cheryl Bell is my paternal grandmother. She was born in Anderson, Indiana and has a husband and two children. She is a retired pharmaceutical salesperson living in Raleigh, North Carolina, though she spent her childhood in Indiana and much of her adult life in Ohio.

My grandmother is a happy person with a positive outlook on life. She is a short, dark-blonde woman in her sixties. Despite heart problems and recently getting a pacemaker, she is still an energetic, adventurous person. She travels frequently and especially enjoys cruises.

My interview with Cheryl Bell covered the feminist movement of the sixties and seventies, as well as Cheryl’s experiences relating to gender equality. This interview also covers her experiences as a child and how she was raised believing in equality and with a passion for fair treatment of all people.