Pauline Michno

By: Kenichi N., 3/16/2014
"Women need to continue to be assertive, be knowledgeable, continue to prove their value, and know their product better than anybody else, male or female."
Pauline Michno

Introductory Profile: About Pauline Michno

Pauline Michno is one of the most stubborn people that you will ever meet. No force large enough can stop her from her goals, especially when it comes to her work and family. Ever since she became a realtor in the early 80’s, she has been faced with constant obstacles of women prejudice. At that time, she had no power to influence her male workers. Unfortunately, she was singled out and given the scraps by her bosses. Almost completely alone, she had to work with what she got that way she could provide for her family.

Pauline is a small lady white lady, only 5’4 in height. She always shows off her smile, trying to make everybodys day better. She has short blonde hair and light blue eyes. She loves spending time with her loved ones and friends. She surrounds herself with fun, determined to have a wonderful and happy life. She was born in Plantersville, a small town in Texas. When she was 17, she moved to Houston to attend St. Thomas University. Then in her twenties she had her three kids; Elizabeth, Connie, and Raymond.

Pauline is usually a very joyful person. She the type of person to make the entire room happy and excited. But, as soon as I began to ask my questions I could sense the mood change. The mood suddenly became so serious and at times the mood was sad. It was clearly a difficult topic to discuss. On occasion, Pauline would get tears in her eyes thinking back on those times. Yet, she occasionally would laugh and smile. But, overall she was overjoyed that her grandson and the world would have access to the interview. She was glad to get her feelings off her chest and spread her knowledge about women in the workforce.

Pauline hates when women are mistreated. She wants the world to live in a place with no injustice towards women. She supports everyone she knows, because she had to support herself. My interview showed me an interesting perspective on the world, from a woman’s eyes. It revealed to me that unfortunately, in our world, being a man is an advantage. She showed me that sometimes you just have to take the highway and be a better person, because some people might not do the same for you.