Deborah Megehe

As Interviewed by Travis Eaves, March 19, 2014
"During my first duty stationed at BT 21, my supervisor, who was a male, felt very strongly against women, and we knocked heads."
Deborah Megehe

Introductory Profile: About Deborah Megehe

The person that I interviewed was Deborah Megehe. She is a 55 year-old Hispanic women. Deborah is quick to smile and has a happy laugh. She was in the Navy for three and a half years and then in the Reserves for a few more.

She entered the service as part of a bet with a friend. Her family was surprised, and her group of friends had never even thought of joining the military. She seemed to have good memories of her service except for a few distinct problems.

Deborah met her future husband in the military and it seems that much of her life was built upon her experiences that she had in the service and the things that she missed out on outside of the service. She would, in fact, recommend military service to women, especially now that women are more accepted in the military.

Deborah works at the Austin Public Library. My mother works there as well, and that is how I met Deborah. For the interview, we went to a cafe. We were outside in what we hoped would be the quietest area. She had her hair down and was dressed in relatively casual clothes. She was very open and friendly during the interview.