Mary Lee

As Interviewed by Veronica Ruth, March 8, 2015
"A woman has to do, and be, and act, the way her husband wants her. He is her ruler."
Mary Lee

Introductory Profile: About Mary Lee

I met Mrs. Mary Lee when I was very young, about five or six. She invited me, along with some of the other young girls in the neighborhood, to a formal tea party. Mrs. Lee is a sweet, elegant 89- year- old woman. She grew up in Louisiana, and has a polite southern accent. Mrs. Lee lives in Texas now (and graduated high school in Austin), and at one point, she was even awarded the honor of Miss Texas! She is Baptist, and for many years she has been contributing to the community, and supporting women’s rights. She and her husband have traveled to many places and met many people. My mother is still good friends with her today, and they keep in touch frequently. When I learned that throughout her life Mrs. Lee has traveled all over the world, I was excited to be able to interview on one of her many experiences. It seemed like addressing the issue of women’s rights was an appropriate social injustice topic.

In the interview, we discussed her trip to Saudi Arabia in 1979, and what it was like to experience that as an American woman. She didn’t have to follow all of the strict guidelines and rules that the Saudi Arabian women did, but Mrs. Lee still had to wear extremely modest clothing, show respect to all of the men, and could not go anywhere without a male escort. The interview itself was relaxed and pleasant, as with any encounter with Mrs. Lee, but the topics were shocking to me. I am glad to have met such an amazing, interesting woman who has truly experienced social injustice first hand.