Jyotsna Swaroop Naik

As Interviewed By: Ambika Chauhan, March 19, 2015
"The society is made up of a man and a woman like two pillars, and if you are rolling out these types of injustices to girls, it is bound to affect the social fabric."
Jyotsna Swaroop Naik

Introductory Profile: About Jyotsna Swaroop Naik

My interviewee is Jyotsna Swaroop Naik. She felt that women were not treated equally, and that the society was not being fair to single independent unmarried women. She felt that she had a right to lead a life on her own terms, and she didn't give in to the injustice that she faced. During the interview at one point she said, “If you are right and worthy of something, then you try for it, and are bound to get it in the end.”

Mrs. Naik is tall, well built, and has a pleasing personality. She is born on 7th October, 1956, in India. Working as a counselling psychologist, she is humorous, straight forward, and was eager to participate in the interview. She has two siblings; an older brother who is a geologist, and a younger sister. She also has a 19 year old daughter who is in college. Mrs. Naik is well educated, and has a masters in psychology.

Mrs. Naik understood and answered my questions to the point. The overall tone and mode throughout the interview was relaxed. and friendly She even made light hearted comments. She didn't skip answering any questions and, was willing to elaborate when I asked my followup questions. There were some moments in the interview where the conversation got intense. I also got a feel of her strong and unique personality.

I was a little hesitant, as my questionnaire was long and very personal relating to the interviewee. I was not expecting the kind of positive, and “to the point” responses I got from her. Throughout the interview, she maintained a comfortable tone which made me at ease. In the end, I realized that I actually enjoyed the forty-five minute conversation that I had with Mrs. Naik.