As Interviewed by Emily S., March 20, 2015
"Women were saying; Look, we want that promotion to commander. And we’re guaranteed it by congress. So, you have to train us and take us out on ship."

Introductory Profile: About Walter

For my project I interviewed former navy ship trainer, Walter. The talkative and very open, friendly senior citizen told me about how he trained women sailors and how he responded to women being treated differently, as well how other men sailors treated the female crew. He trained men and women in the early 1970’s and beyond, and talked about women’s struggles to gain leadership roles.

Walter grew up in Long Island, NYC, where there were many ports. He was interested in the navy since he was a little boy, joining the Sea Cadets- a youth program similar to boy scouts that taught boys about the navy. Walter is a very friendly person who has lots of stories to tell and was very open to conducting an interview. He is very easy going and I enjoyed talking to him because he seemed to be very knowledgeable about the subject.

As well as being knowledgeable, Walter also set a good vibe and was never too serious. He knew how to laugh but wasn't goofy. He really dug in deep to the topic and questions I had prepared. He had a lot to talk about; explaining both the questions I asked and other stories that contributed to the interview and gave me a better understanding of his role and the role of women on the navy ships. He also gave me some historic information that occurred before, during, and after his experiences.

I interviewed former navy ship trainer, Walter. He told me about how he trained women soldiers and how the other men reacted, as well as how women felt and what they experienced. Walter was a very fun person to interview and I enjoyed talking to him.