Hillary C.

As interviewed by Ireland C., April, 12, 2015
"This was just how they were going to treat women, by exclusion and joking. "
Hillary C.

Introductory Profile: About Hillary C.

Sexism is a problem, and it isnít always towards a person just for being a certain gender. In certain sports, jobs, and hobbies, the sexism is even stronger. If someone who wants to do something that is dominant to the opposite of their gender, they are usually picked on, and the people doing it sometimes donít even realise that they are. Sometimes they do now, but are either doing on purpose, or just donít care.

Hillary Cosgrove, is my mother. I decided to interview her because I knew that she wanted to be an engineer, though she ended up being a stay-at-home mom, and she had talked about how the men in her classes, and her teachers that were men, were sexist towards the women. They were discriminated against because engineering is a male dominant career. Even though my motherís situation was not that bad, I have read articles where it is really bad for the women wanting to become an engineer.

My mother is a yankee, she grew up in Philadelphia, didnít get along with her sister at all, and her parents were busy working a lot of the time. She met my dad in college (Texas A&M) and even though my mother did not become an engineer, my dad is a engineer. She is very nice, but strict, and does everything around the house while my dad works. She looks nothing like me, she is covered head to toe in freckles, and has short, brown, curly hair.