Hyou Jung Youk

Jaewon Hong, March 14, 2015
"Every time I was discriminated because I was a woman, I wanted to be reborn as a man and get treated like every men did, especially because my parents wanted sons."
Hyou Jung Youk

Introductory Profile: About Kim Du Soon and Hyou Jung Youk

I interviewed my grandmother, Kim Du Soon, on discrimination against women. My grandmother knew a lot about this since in her years, women were considered “inferior” to men. For example, when my grandmother and her family would go out to eat, her brothers got the meat, while the women got the leftovers, such as the vegetables. The government did not have many laws restricting discrimination and abuse against women, although nowadays they do. Because of this patriarchal society, parents often preferred to have boys instead of girls. However, the situation is improving now.

I also interviewed my mother, Hyou Jung You, on discrimination against women, and I interviewed her to compare the discrimination from my grandmother’s days and my mother’s. My mother seemed to have similar experiences as my grandmother. But, it seems as though Korea is improving.