Eva Neuling

As Interviewed by Tara Lassiter, March 29th, 2015
"I’d visit back home in the summertime, over break, but in order to do that I would need an interzonenpass, and that wasn’t something given to everybody. Sometimes it would work, sometimes it wouldn’t."
Eva Neuling

Introductory Profile: About Eva Neuling

I interviewed my grandmother, Evan Neuling, who lived in Germany during the Cold War -- specifically, she lived in East Berlin before the wall was constructed. She left for Koeln in order to be able to study law, something she was not able to do back home, leaving behind her father -- a dentist -- and her younger sister and brother.

My grandmother is fairly tall, though rather frail, with short, straight hair, cut shoulder-length and dyed a dark black. She wears half-moon glasses that often hang around her neck on a gold chain. Her clothes are often old-fashioned, though with a touch of elegance. The apartment she lives in is covered in book shelves, entire walls being taken up by the immense amount of books she and my grandfather have collected over the years. When they where younger, they traveled the world together, and the way the apartment is decorated shows it -- artifacts from places they traveled litter their living quarters, and even their cooking is usually foreign.

My grandmother enjoys simple things, such as knitting, board games, and long conversation, as well as good food and fruits. She has diabetes; however, this doesn't seem to bother her much, as she loves natural sugars nearly as much as we seem to love sugar, or at least, that’s what it seems like to me, however she will sneak in a stray piece of cake, or maybe a tad bit of ice cream or cookie once in a while.

All in all she is a very interesting person, having been forced to live on her own for quite a while during a difficult time for Germany, and from traveling the world, having been impacted by all the places she visited. Though she can be a bit stiff at times, she really is an amazing person, who, if approached the correct way, can be extremely funny and kind.