Charles W. Pace

As Interviewed by Carter Pace, March 12, 2011
"I felt like everybody had an equal education but I didn't take any action to stop or continue this segregation."
Charles W. Pace

Introductory Profile: About Charles Pace

My interviewee, Charles W. Pace was born on Christmas Day, 1939. He witnessed segregation throughout Dallas and the state of Texas. Charles never really participated in the marches or speeches, but he definitely felt that segregation was a negative thing. He seemed pretty relaxed about the interview, and pretty confident about sharing his experiences with me.

Charles Pace is my grandfather, my fatherís father. He is caucasian and was born in Dallas, Texas. He is a very nice person to be with, and he is very thoughtful about people and their feelings. His main focus in life is the personal investment business. He is unmarried and currently lives in Dallas, Texas. He is 71 years old.

My grandfather has a great personality. He loves helping people whenever they need it. I definitely like him being around him as he is so laid back, calm and he makes me feel a better whenever I feel sad or mad. He loves visiting with me and my family, for which Iím grateful.

He seemed very calm and interested in the interview. I could tell that he was very curious and wanted to help me and provide detail when he could. He kept a straight voice for most of the interview except for a few times when he became very emotional when he was talking about his experience in Philadelphia or New York City.

I think the interview went very well and smoothly. I found the interview to be a good life experience for me. I liked the fact that I got to learn about my grandfather in this context. I was nervous and I was trying to come up with different questions, but I thought the subject matter was interesting and important. I am very thankful for him coming to Austin just to participate in the interview with me.