Grazyna P.

As Interviewed by Gwen Park Markert, March 18, 2016
"Because when you look now in those east countries and see Putin and what he does with Ukraine, that wanted to join Poland and all those communities. It never happened and it still cost them so many lives and it's still going on. I think it's important just to cherish that. And to know that there are people all the time that still don't have those freedoms. "
Grazyna P.

Introductory Profile: About Grazyna P.

A woman that knows Grazyna through their children recommended that I interview her when she heard I was doing an english project on social injustice. She told me that Grazyna had been forced to leave Poland when they found she was affiliated with an anti-communist organization. She gave me Grazyna’s email and I contacted her asking if she would be comfortable doing an interview on social injustice. She replied saying that she would be happy to be my interviewee, and that she had been interviewed for this project multiple times, because her son went to Kealing.

Grazyna is a cheerful woman that speaks with a strong polish accent. She was born in Warsaw, Poland, in 1961. While she was still young she moved to France, and later to the U.S. Grazyna grew up in Poland while it was a communist country, and noticed problems due to communism at a young age. She joined an anti-communist organization called solidarity when she was just a teenager and helped spread awareness. After martial law was established in Poland, Grazyna left to france due to the way they were treating people that were against communism in poland, and could not return because she was known to be involved in solidarity.