Hans W. Baade

As Interviewed by Alan Baade, March 14, 2016
"You could still see a good bit of bomb damage, but that was taken care of relatively quickly."
Hans W. Baade

Introductory Profile: About Hans W. Baade

Hans W. Baade, Son of Fritz Baade, was born in Berlin, Germany in the December of 1929. Mr. Baade is the father of James and Hans Baade and the grandfather of Alan and Miles Baade. Being born to a Jewish mother, Mr. Baade moved out of Germany and to Turkey at a very young age, where he stayed for the rest of the war. After the war, Mr. Baade moved to the U.S. to attend college, back to Germany for a few years and once receiving a job offer from Duke, back to the U.S. Mr. Baade eventually settled down and retired in Texas after 56 years of working at various law schools and is now married to Ann Baade. At 86 years old, Mr. Baade has many experiences to share.

This interview, conducted by Alan Baade mostly talks about events during and briefly after the second world war. This lighthearted interview shows that many initial judgments and stereotypes that we still think of today are false. Mr. Baade never served in combat during the war, but having been in three completely different countries around the time of the war, he has a lot to share.