Chloe Linscomb

As interviewed by Olivia Linscomb, March 20, 2017
"We are still at the point where there is not a lot of representation for women in government and political leadership, so once we kinda get that it might get better."
Chloe Linscomb

Introductory Profile: About Chloe Linscomb

Chloe Linscomb is my older sister, and I have known her since I was born. Chloe is a sophomore at McCallum high school. Her delightful humor made it such a pleasure to interview her, and her strong opinions made for a great interview. Chloe is known by her friends for being very passionate about women's rights and LGBTQ rights.
The topic I covered was women's rights, and she talked more specifically about women's rights to choose to have an abortion, as well as how they are unable to get the heath care or screenings they need. The tone of the interview is very strongly opinionated and very supported. Interviewing Chloe was a very great experience, and I learned a lot about not only women's rights, but also Chloe's opinions on the limits of these rights.