Steve Marlier

As Interviewed by Fiona Tanis, March 9, 2018
"Particularly in the first six months we would have rocket attacks."
Steve Marlier

Introductory Profile: About Steve Mariler

Steve Marlier, my great-uncle, served as an Intelligence Officer in the Vietnam War. He had trained in the Air Force Academy for 4 years, and continued to work hard in his training even after 400 of his fellow disciples left the academy because it was too difficult. When starting at the academy he wasn’t sure if he wanted to become a pilot or work as an Intelligence Officer, but after many experiences of getting air sick he decided it would be better to be stationed on the ground. He then served in the war from December of 1969 to November of 1970, working at the Air Force base, Bien Hoa.

In my interview I was able to learn about the experiences he went through in the war, and what it was like to be an Intelligence Officer. He informed me on his everyday life and the responsibilities he had when working as an Intelligence Officer in the war. Many of the tasks he was put through were very intellectually challenging, but one of the hardest things to deal with was being away from his family.