Lin Li

Andy Wang, 3/18/18
"My friends faces were frozen with FEAR."
Lin Li

Introductory Profile: About Lin Li

Lin Li, my mother, experienced a very tragic event at a very young age. My mom is currently 42 years old, and this event happened when she was in the 8th grade.

This interview will cover the topic of murder, as that was the event. We will also be talking about how that event has affected my mother, psychology and physically. The overall tone will be sad and gloomy, as it is discussing the dark matter of murder. In summary, my mom witnessed a murder of a classmate, a bully victim, and an act of impulsive actions. The victim stood up, pulled a knife from his jacket, and stabbed the bully, right in the stomach. The bully ran out of school and collapsed in the front yard, blood pooling around him.