Edward Webster Olney Jr.

As Interviewed by Brody Martell, March 18th 2018
"He took the container, and empties it out in the parking lot of customs, and had a big bulldozer smash it all, smashed it all up, and threw it back into the container."
Edward Webster Olney Jr.

Introductory Profile: About Edward Webster Olney Jr.

I interviewed Edward Webster Olney Jr (also known as Uncle Ned in my family). He grew up in the small town in New London, New Hampshire. His parents donated money to poor children and taught him how to be the man he is today. He started working for “Save The Children” at the start of his career and every few years he moved to a new country after getting the job of “Country Director”. He’s lived in many countries like the Philippines, Ethiopia, and currently in Nepal. He is a tall, funny, person who loves to help other people, who are less fortunate.

In the interview, he tells a story about solving a food/money problem in Bangladesh when a food shipment came in. Children’s rights and poverty were the main topics discussed. The interview was very interesting not disturbing or uncomfortable.