Mary T. Vasquez

As Interviewed by Sophia Rodriguez, March 8, 2018
"I had a teacher that gave me clothing one time because she could tell I didnít have a lot."
Mary T. Vasquez

Introductory Profile: About Mary T. Vasquez

Mary Vasquez, my maternal grandmother, is a really nice and thoughtful woman who recently retired after many hard years of working to help get people jobs. Although she is ~60 years old, she really doesnít look it. Her hair is brown and shoulder length, and she is pretty small (roughly 5 feet tall).

She is a very pleasant person to be around. Her aura is really calm and warm. My grandmother is a kind woman who often tells us wacky stories of her childhood, which originally gave me the idea to interview her. I was very happy to know that she would love to be interviewed, and she loved to know that I was interested.