Patricia Youngdale

As Interviewed by Anjali Ravi, March 10, 2018.
"I was programming when I was pregnant with my first child -- and when you were seven months pregnant, you had to leave the work force. You couldn’t stay for the last two months. And they seldom hired anybody back who had children."
Patricia Youngdale

Introductory Profile: About Patricia Youngdale

My interviewee was Patricia Youngdale. When she finished school, she became a secretary for one year. After being a secretary, she started to teach. This was around the time women didn’t have many job options. Their jobs were secretary, teacher, or nurse. She did not like to teach, so she took a programming class. She immediately loved it and became a programmer.

Mrs.Youndale was treated differently than other men who had the same job as she did. The women in her job were also paid less than the men. The women knew of this, but thought nothing of it because they thought the men had a family to support and the women didn’t.

In my interview with Mrs.Youngdale, we talked about some of the jobs for women and how it is different for women now. We also talked about what it was like for her as one of few women in programming and some of the discriminations she faced.

To this day, Patricia Youngdale loves to work with numbers and loves programming. She was one of the few women who defied society’s standards and became a programmer, despite the status quo.