Jean Cleary

As Interviewed by Samantha M., March 20, 2019
"And one I can mention is that a provision in the administrative manual allowed my employer to terminate my employment if I became pregnant."
Jean Cleary

Introductory Profile: About Jean Cleary

I interviewed Jean Cleary, who was an attorney and lawyer for many years and retired recently. She is also my maternal grandmother. She is kind and giving, and always talks to everyone she meets. Whenever we go anywhere, she is always talking to and making conversations with waiters, cashiers, taxi drivers, and anyone she sees on the street. She says that it is because she likes to hear everyone’s stories and that everyone has something to tell.

In the interview, we talked about her struggles and gender bias in education and work. While there were struggles she faced, there was also an upside, there were very supportive bosses and coworkers that she had in a career. The interview was a very interesting experience, and she told a great story.