Janet Wenzel

As Interviewed by Marley Wenzel, March 24, 2019
"It was clear to me then that type of industry and field would not be necessarily a good one for me to go in, because clearly, they did not respect me for what I had to offer to the position."
Janet Wenzel

Introductory Profile: About Janet Wenzel

My interview is with my mom Janet Wenzel. Mrs.Wenzel is my mother. Janet majors in Marketing at Texas Tech University in Lubbock Texas and now lives in Austin Texas. She currently works as a marketing manager at a pie distributing company.

In my interview I ask Janet questions about her experiences and opinions on sexism and women's rights, mostly focusing on her experiences in the workplace. She describes her experiences about being treated unfairly due to her gender. She has a serious tone when talking about this subject because its a very important topic in the world. The conditions have improved over the last ten years but discrimination is still present in everyday life.