Kathryn Matthews

As Interviewed by Violet L., March 13, 2019
"There's tons of wonderful science and really hard working smart scientists that are giving us the information that we need, that's not our biggest problem. I think our biggest problem is generating the political will that is necessary to make some hard and difficult decisions..."
Kathryn Matthews

Introductory Profile: About Kathryn Matthews

I met Katie Matthews trough my aunt, who recommended Katie to me when
I told her about my project. Katie Matthews is the deputy chief scientist at Oceana, which is a company that helps protect the ocean from threats. In school, She was an average student until she took a geology class in college and loved it. Katie has worked in many different environments from labs to the legislative branch and is very dedicated to doing everything she can for our Earth.

In my interview with Katie, we talked a lot about how global warming is affecting the oceans. There are so many reasons to be greatly concerned with this problem, one of them is that global warming is directly affecting humans by taking away their resources. We also talked about what people can do to help prevent this difficult situation. Katie stated that one of the biggest problems we face is the political will of those in power, whether they don’t have any or are fighting the truth of climate change’s existence. It is obvious from my interview with Katie that how much she helps the world in her job is much more important to her than how hard it is or how much money she makes.