Joseph Lucas

As interviewed by: Emily Lucas, March 24, 2019
"My class had a lot of folks from Mexico, especially. They all actually commute every day, from Mexico, to the school, because the school is so close to the border, so kind of a sizeable number of students are from Mexico."
Joseph Lucas

Introductory Profile: About Joseph Lucas

My intervewee’s name is Joseph Lucas and I know him because he is my Dad. He is an immigrant from India, who came here for new opportunities. Joseph grew up with 5 brothers in Kerala, India. He went to school, including college, in India before deciding to the U.S. Now, he has a wife and three daughters, while working at Dell in Austin, Texas.

Joseph wasn’t planning to come to the U.S. when he was growing, neither did his family tell him to, he just wanted to get a job here since there were plenty job opportunities. He applied to UT at El Paso when he was 24, got accepted, and then applied for a green card to live here during his time at school. At college, Joseph met other immigrants from different countries, such as Mexico, and explained how most them got to school. Once Joseph graduated school, he got a job an few months later. Even though he got a job pretty quickly, it took him a while to get one of his employers to sponsor him for a Visa. He eventually applied for citizenship after having his green card for five years, in 2001. Now, he has had citizenship for many years and is living in Austin, Texas, while visiting India every once in while.