Mr.Alex Felan

As interviewed by Adith Chagarlamudi, March 15, 2019
"We are not gonna support this business, and we left."
Mr.Alex Felan

Introductory Profile: About Alex Felan

Alex Felan was a young man born in Mexico. He has a normal sized family with 1 brother and 1 sister. His background is Irish. When his ancestors were forced to move away, they came to mexico. He loves snacking on fruits. He was loved his parents but has witnessed many problems with our society today.

He was naturally more white than his siblings. He was never really verbally abused. His siblings on the other hand were. He had to witness racism towards his siblings. Once there was an incident where is brother was denied service at a gas station. He has many insights and is ready to share them. The podcast tells you about the incident at the gas station and many experiences about his past.