As Interviewed By Maryam Z., April 28, 2019
"I feel I change more than the people change around me because until now I have been in Austin for more than 15 years -- I can feel different."

Introductory Profile: About Maisa

Recently I interviewed Maisa a friend of my mom and a Syrian born American citizen that was in the US during the tragic event we know as 9/11. Maisa is a hijabi Muslim and is very kind and engaging to talk to.

During this interview we discussed both her experiences as a Syrian and the effects the civil war have had on her and the challenges she faced as a Muslim women in the United States when plenty of Muslims where harshly blamed for the awful attack. In this little interview highlight I chose to highlight the challenges she faced during 9/11 because I felt it fit the project guidelines better. In this highlight she mentions many of her thoughts during the time and her experiences with societies opinions. Since this is a serious topic the overall tone of the interview is also serious.

In conclusion this interview reflects the struggles of Muslims with social injustice during 9/11 and brings attention to the perspective of Muslims during this horrible time and shows how tragic it was for them too.