Juanita Flores Smith

As Interviewed by Mateo Rives, March 17, 2019
"You feel discriminated and completely out of place when your culture or your language is not welcomed."
Juanita Flores Smith

Introductory Profile: About Juanita Flores Smith

Juanita Flores Smith is a Hispanic Teacher at Kealing Middle School who has witnessed and suffered racial discrimination in her lifetime. I met her at school as my Spanish teacher, and I have learned a lot of astonishing facts about her life. She grew up in South Texas, but both of her parents are from Mexican descent. Juanita earned a Bachelor’s in Science and is to this day a successful teacher.

Juanita suffered discrimination in her youth in school through force-feeding and segregated school policies. She had to change her name due to having a Hispanic name in America. She has also witnessed discrimination through her friends and family.