Ruben Vargas

As Interviewed by Manny Escobar, March 30, 2012
"I changed the path I was on."
Ruben Vargas

Introductory Profile: About Ruben Vargas

Ruben Vargas is a man that has lived on his own for quite some time. He has lived off on his own since he was a fifteen-year old. He was kicked out of his home by his mother, who was greatly disappointed in his lifestyle of a young man. His siblings were all success-hungry. Each was working towards a certain career, while Ruben drank alcohlo and handled drugs. His mother felt that he brought disgrace to the Vargas name. That is why he was removed from his home to live his life the way he wanted to. He changed over time. He realized, I don't want to live this way. What will become of me? So, he turned his back to all the drugs, women, and the alcohol problems he faced. He decided it was enough of his old life. He realized there was another way of living life, still having fun.

Ruben Vargas is a short man with short, curly brown hair. He now has a wife and four children and is enjoying his life in a beautiful home. He loves his children and grandchildren, and he has a close relationship with his mother.

After changing, he took great interests in cement. He began laying down the surface below the construction of a home. From there, he gained experience. It is manual work, but he is paid decently.

Ruben did not seem all that emotional about the words he spoke. I thought it would be emotional when he mentioned the death of his father. His mother had been angry at him because she was cheating on her. She had wielded a gun and shot him while Ruben was in his bedroom, sleeping. He held back on the emotions throughout the interview. He kept the same calm tone throughout it. As for me, I felt emotional about his story. I imagined putting myself in his situations and problems. That was when I really felt the emotions. He explained his relationship with his mother after his father was killed. He got a lot of spankings since his father couldn't protect him anymore. He and his father had a close relationship, at least more than his mother. At first, Ruben was turning out to be like his father. He liked to be with women. He also loved to drink alcohol.

Again, he struggled in his early years of life. He lived off of drugs when he first left his home. He was homeless three times in his life. He has improved greatly over twenty years. He feels that it was a miracle moving from being an alcoholic and drug addict to a successful family man living in a beautiful home.