Rolando R.

As Interviewed by Pilar R., March 16, 2012
"There were some gentlemen that were involved in that union [The United Farm Workers of America] that were apparently making, I call it noise, but striking and not working in the fields, for the low pay they were making."
Rolando R.

Introductory Profile: About Rolando R.

I interviewed Rolando Rodriguez. He grew up in south Texas near the border between Texas and Mexico. He had a tough childhood because he would spend his summers as a migrant worker in the fields. His family would receive threats and actual physical contact by members of The United Farm Workers of America.

Mr. Rodriguez is of Hispanic heritage. He is average height but a beyond average personality. Most of the time he tries to be comical, but when it gets down to business he gets right to it.

During the interview the mood was neutral. His voice was pretty soft, and his behavior was pretty contained. During some parts of the interview it was serious because he was talking about the time where there was violence between his dad and a few gentlemen.

After Mr. Rodriguez graduated for high school he was in the air force, which he was stationed in San Antonio, Honduras, and Alaska, and then he moved back to Harlingen, Texas and was in the Harlingen Fire Department for two years. Then he moved to Austin, and he is currently the captain of the Austin Fire Academy for the Austin Fire Department.