Steve Elliott

As Interviewed by Simon Barrera, March 17, 2012
"It gives me a lot of perspective, as I said before, when you see the poverty that other people are facing, and their hardships. It makes you so much more appreciative of the situation you have."
Steve Elliott

Introductory Profile: About Steve Elliott

The person I interviewed was Steve Elliott. He works as the director for Volunteer Legal Services of Central Texas. His organization helps people with low yearly income and other problems in their lives so that they are able to afford or receive the legal services they need to survive..

Mr. Elliott, who is visually-impaired, has two adopted children. Since the company he works for with people who have mental illness, his disability helps him better understand the feelings of others who are disabled and come to his company for help. He told stories about people that he and his organization have helped. Overall, the interview was pleasant, though some of the stories were saddening.