Modesta Barbina Trevino

As Interviewed by Danielle, March 13, 2013
"One of the things we would teach the students is, for math problems we would say, "Show us two or three ways to get there," because that's the reality, there's not just one way to come up with the answer."
Modesta Barbina Trevino

Introductory Profile: About Modesta Barbina Trevino

Modesta Barbina Trevino has grown up in Austin, Texas her whole life. She was a teacher for twenty-seven years and has, over the years, become an education rights activist. She did not know she had a middle name until she traveled for the first time, because she went by Brenda in school. She went to school at Sivala, Allen Junior High, and Johnston. She got to teach, in Austin, at one of the first bilingual schools, called Sanchez, who was the founder of bilingual education. She first started teaching at Allen, when they did desegregation.

Modesta is a very kind and generous person. She is Hispanic and has a granddaughter and a grandson. She currently lives in a small, hilly suburb of Austin, Texas.

My interview had a somewhat surprising and sometimes sad tone to it, because of some of the stories and information my interviewee told me. My interviewee seemed happy to tell her stories, but there were a few times in the interview when she seemed sad, especially when she told me about how her father was killed by these men because of the way he dressed and his race.