Ramona Kar

As Interviewed by Deepa Telang, Februrary 22, 2013
"I learned in the field of social work not to measure my accomplishments by outcome but by process."
Ramona Kar

Introductory Profile: About Ramona Kar

Ramona Kar was interviewed about her experience working with slum residents in India. Her work had a big impact on the residentsí life in a good way. She talked about the challenges she faced while she worked with them.

Ramona is a very personable and articulate, middle-aged woman. She is of medium build, has short black hair, and is of Indian descent. I could relate very easily with her. Ramona has a Masterís degree in Social Work from Mumbai University, India. She did an internship in a municipal school of the Consumer Guidance Society of India. After she graduated, she worked in a local hospital as a community health social worker. She then worked in a family service agency as an adoption and foster care social worker. After that, she moved to technical writing and currently works as a job coach for students with disabilities in Leander High School.

Ramona was very willing to share, and she was very passionate about her work. She answered all of my questions and expanded on almost all of them. She described her experience in the slums in a very cheerful but serious way. Ramona described how she felt and how the peopleís situations are in the slums. You can tell that she truly knows this information. She has studied the ways that people live in the slums, how to help people, and just how to generally interact with people who need help.

Most of the stories that she told had a sad start but a happy ending. They were about the different experiences she had while working in the slums as a social worker. The overall subject was poverty, and how Ramona saw different types of it. She is such a great talker that I only asked a few questions! Ramonaís answers are moving, heart-wrenching, and make you realize the amazing things that she changed when she was a social worker in the slums of India. Her work really did make a difference.