As Interviewed by V. W., March 12, 2013
"Encouragement is the key to fighting discrimination against girls."

Introductory Profile: About R.W.

My interviewee was R.W. She has faced discrimination throughout her years as a woman in a male-dominated workforce. She has faced blatant discrimination, meaning completely obvious discrimination. She has also faced discrimination behind her back. I focused my interview on how the discrimination against her has affected her, how she has seen it change over the years, and how she helped with the cause for women’s rights.

R.W. is a patent attorney for a major corporation. She grew up in Michigan and is in her forties. R.W is a very confident woman. She has faced a lot of discrimination but I think this has made her more successful. She has a lot of stories that she can tell about times when people treated her differently.

During the interview, she seemed very confident and proud of whom she was. I think that while she was telling stories of when she faced discrimination, she still seemed surprised that people would actually treat someone differently because of their gender. She sounded very proud when she was talking about the organization she volunteered for which was the Society of Women Engineers. I think she was very happy to think that she helped the cause for women’s rights.

In all, I think my interviewee is a very proud woman for what she has done in the past and because of where she is now in the workforce. She is very grateful that she could help educate young women and to be able to give them opportunities to become very successful businesswomen.