Lora Yvette Alaniz

As Interviewed by Abi Peterson, March 17, 2013
"Not only was I in the minority category of being a woman, according to our binary, gender-coded society. I was also Latina, so I was navigating that unique pressure. "
Lora Yvette Alaniz

Introductory Profile: About Lora Yvette Alaniz

I interviewed Lora Yvette Alaniz, a Girl’s Empowerment Network (GENAustin) worker. I interviewed her about working at GENAustin, other nonprofits, and schools that work to help teens overcome social injustices they face every day. This interview isn’t so much about stories and personal experiences as it is about wanting to make a change and experiencing other people’s pain.

Lora was born in Pleasanton, Texas which is south of San Antonio on December 27, 1967. She is a medium, dark-skinned lady, with black, curly, medium-length hair. She wears glasses over her ocean blue eyes, and a blue sweatshirt with jeans. She’s about 5’6”. She has a sense of humor and she’s very talkative, enthusiastic, nice, and energetic. Lora is very forthcoming with information and is not uncomfortable talking about her experiences. Though she relayed senses of sadness and anger, she also demonstrated her determination to make a difference.