Tina Carroll

As Interviewed by Kalyani A., February 24, 2013
"He said, Go ahead and go tell somebody. They cant do anything to me because Im retiring this semester."
Tina Carroll

Introductory Profile: About Tina Carroll

I interviewed Tina Carroll about growing up half-Japanese in an all white, East Texas town. She also told me about being the only woman in her classes in the field of Electrical Engineering, as well as working in that field as an adult. She spoke of when she was starting out her career and the obstacles she faced as a female in that particular position of work.

She is 48 years-old and grew up in Mesquite, Texas. Her mother was Japanese and grew up in Tokyo, while her American father was from Vermont. Her parents met when her dad, who was a soldier, was stationed in Tokyo. She has three sisters and one brother.

She is about 52, with medium-length black hair, favoring her mother. She is very carefree and lighthearted, and she enjoys laughing. She is single and has never been married.

When she talked to me about her past, she laughed at her own account of events. She seems at ease with the topics, and holds no grudges against those who tried to push her out of the place she wanted to hold within society. In fact, she mostly feels sorry for those who discriminated against her because most of them ended up in a bad position later in life.