Ruth Mewhinney

As Interviewed by Ruth Mewhinney, March 12, 2013
"I was reared with three boys, and I thought it was wrong to be a sissy and do some of the things girls were expected to do."
Ruth Mewhinney

Introductory Profile: About Ruth Mewhinney

I interviewed Ruth Mewhinney, who is actually my grandmother. This interview mainly focuses on women’s rights and racial discrimination. My grandmother went to medical school, and then went on to have a clinic for teenage girls. She was one of the few women in the medical field at that time. Throughout the interview she talked about how being a woman hindered, and at times, helped her in her career and in life. When my grandmother grew up, there was racial segregation. She talked about her experiences with racial discrimination as a child, and in the medical field.

My grandmother is 96 years-old. Her hair is light blonde and has big curls in it made by rollers. Her skin is very pale and wrinkly. Her attire is very classy and old school. She was wearing a colorful, floral shirt, tucked into long white pants and penny loafers. Ruth’s demeanor is calm, wise, but she still has a spark to her.

I think the mood of the interview was calm, but she seemed very caring and concerned. My grandmother seemed happy to have someone to talk to. She has bad hearing, so people may get frustrated talking to her and sidetrack her. We live in different cities, so we don’t usually get to spend time with each other, so she was happy about this. Overall, I think she was glad she could help me with my interview and share her life story with me.

One of the main themes of the interview was women’s rights and racial discrimination. We talked about how these subjects affected her life, and then we talked about how they played a role in politics. I thought this was an interesting topic for my grandmother to talk about, because she was raised in a completely different time period, with different morals and views than those of today. She mentioned Hilary Clinton and the “Glass Ceiling.” She seemed very involved in politics and other modern issues.