Barbara Vackar

As Interviewed by Jackson Woomer, March 16, 2014
"I was appalled that anybody would be against ERA. It made absolutely no sense to me whatsoever."
Barbara Vackar

Introductory Profile: About Barbara Vackar

For my Firsthand History project I interviewed Barbara Vackar. Barbara is a very old friend of both of my grandmothers. My paternal grandmother worked alongside her on the issue of women’s rights in Texas during the 1970s. Barbara is a very well put together lady. She also used to be married to Bruce Todd, former mayor of Austin. She was born in Gonzales, Texas during the 1950s and has a Home Economics degree from Texas State.

I interviewed her on women’s rights and the Equal Rights Amendment that came up during the 1970s in Texas and around the United States. We talked about how she worked in local government and helped women and families get credit in their names.