Deliana Garcia

As Interviewed By Eli Walther, March 16, 2014

Deliana Garcia: In Her Own Words

So I grew up in El Paso Texas which is far west Texas. I went to parochial schools which is, catholic religious schools my entire life, and when I was a teenager I went to a convent school, where I had a number of classes that were taught by Juguete priests, and the reason that I mention this is as I was reviewing your questions and the whole discussion about social justice I realized what a strong role they had played because they were very progressive in their thinking in other words they were really committed to sorta of a world that was better for everyone and they were really intellectually challenging.

So I think those two features of my background and where I grew up and the fact that it was, it was a really conservative setting and a really at that point what might have been considered a small military town even though it was pretty good size I found myself in this environment where it was women living in community which is really unusual cause strong women and women lead groups are really different and then I was educated by these men who were really just incredible in terms of their ideas about how the world should be and what thinking should be like.

For community involvement itís interesting when you ask that I thought the array of things Iím involved in I think is sorta telling about what's important to me so I serve on the board here at CBI and I was the president before but I also serve on the Cabinet for Jewish family services. Which is interested in people that have mental health issues or need support and then Iím on the local board of the Anti-defamation league which is really a group it was jewish in its original orientation but it stands against discrimination of all kinds and then iím a member of the board director for the Haywood Barnes institute which is an organization out of oakland that tries to look at why there are so many kids that are black, and Latino and Asian in the juvenile justice system and then I serve on a working group for TB and Migration. So its the things that are most interesting to me and my life.

My title is director of international projects, research and development. So in the position of director it means that I get to manage the global patient navigation project that we have and it also means that I get to represent my organization in international meeting, because when we talk about migration itís people who move all over the world in this position I also get to develop projects and I design research and I look for funding.