Ying Xu

As Interviewed by Amy Huang, February 28, 2016

Ying Xu: In Her Own Words

I grew up in a pretty big household. I had two brothers. I was the only girl. I went to school, and got a scholarship to come overseas and study in UT. There wasn't much discrimination there, and I was happy. I am divorced, and I have 2 children, a thirteen year-old and a two-year old.

I am employed, and I am an engineer. I work for Cirrus Logic. It's in Austin. It's a high tech company and mainly we have the integrated circuit chip, and we actually design and manufacture those chips. Our paycheck is about 100,000 dollars per year.

Usually we get raises every year, depends on the economic situation of the company. We usually don't get lowered. It's applied to everyone in the company, not just me. Yeah, it's good. It's busy. I work hard and I will say no, there is no discrimination. I actually get a lot of support, because I go to church.

The families in the church; it's two part support. One is emotionally and whenever I need some help there is always someone I can go to to ask for help like babysitting or picking up my kids, something like that. It's really really helpful.Otherwise I cannot survive, with the work and the family and the kids. It's really really stressful. The support helps a lot. Emotionally it's keep myself busy; well, I don't need to keep myself busy. I'm always busy. I always have things to do, at work and at home.