Bill Jennings

As Interviewed by Luke G, March 15, 2017

Bill Jennings: In His Own Words

I was… inspired by going off to the University of Texas and learning from teachers and fellow students there that the war was not a good war, if there is such a thing, it was a war where people were being exploited, both the Vietnamese that lived there and the young Americans that were going over there to fight, so as the casualties of war started piling up and bodies started, you know, people started dying, the protests started increasing around that time.

The university that I went to, in Austin, the University of Texas, was a very progressive, good university and they taught, went out of their way to teach, about foreign policy, and the war itself. When I was a freshman, I joined a student organization called the Students for a Democratic Society, and it specifically was formed to educate the public about the Vietnam War, and also to encourage protests and people actually standing up to the government that was promoting the war.

My freshman year I protested locally, in Austin in several occasions. My sophomore year I went up to Washington, DC, with a bunch of students from the University of Texas that were in the SDS, and did a march on the, on the Justice Department and on the Capitol, protesting the war.