Carole Keeton

As Interviewed by MJ Knoll

Carole Keeton: In Her Own Words

Rudy Cisneros with Cisco’s Bakery and Joe Maynor who owned Hilton Maynor Funeral Home, that is Hilton Maynor Funeral Home and my opponent;, whos name I will leave unmentioned called a news conference and it was the Thursday before the election on Saturday and it was a tough runoff election. I knew it would be very very close. And their bottom line was- I had been the president of the school board for goodness sake ,I Integrated the schools-they said bottom line was this job is just to tough for a woman.

Martha Smiley, Jane Hickey, Claire Corth they were all at my back door and they had t-shirts they had gotten someone up to make t-shirts and you did not run them off like now, you had to stencil them. They had t-shirts that were already printed up and it said “ Women eat at Cisco’s and be buired at Hilton Maynor “. Well, those t-shirts were everywhere, they had given me one that morning.

Monday morning I was still packing school lunches and running the kids but I called all my campaign volunteers and I said pass the word, we are all going to Cisco’s for lunch today, not breakfast because I am still running carpools but we are all going to Cisco’s for lunch today. They said “O great” I said “Lets just meet at the little parking lot across from Cisco’s. Cisco’s is a great little place at 6th and Chicon and I said “ I have never been but we are going”.

So we are over there, and so, we look like and I mean it’s a small place and there were alot of women they passed the word to alot of women I don’t know how many they were alot of us. And, Cisco’s was and when you walked the cash register was right here and they’ve got some tables some booth out here in a bar where you sit on some stools and then you go back to a back room which had a big back room a couple of big back rooms that you could use for parties or stuff like that. Ok, I’m at the front I’m at the front, and I’ve got you know women on both sides of me and there’s this whole slew of women behind us and so we go and I just push open the door I just walk through the door and I knew I’d seen picture of Rudy Cisneros ‘cause he was a character, but I never met him. And behind the cash, he was behind the cash register, and he he chews on a cigar much as he smokes on it, but he always had a cigar in his mouth, horn rimmed glasses, just classic I mean he was classic.

And so I went right over to the cash register. He was kinda going, he said, I said, he said “Y’all coming to demonstrate?” I said “No, no, no …” I said, I said “I’m Carol McClellan” and I said “Hey, we came to enjoy your food and have a good time. No we’re not here …” He said “Y’all demonstrate … “ I said, “No, no, no … we came to enjoy your food and have good time.” He said, I said “Yeah!” “Well come on!” He came from around that, he said “C’mon!” He took us back around to the room that was even opened up, you know, “C’mon everybody” he said “C’mon!” He said, “It’s all on me!” He said, “C’mon, he said get the food in here.”