Matt Chinn

as interviewed by Max Hoff, 3/23/17

Matt Chin: In His Own Words

Out of the airport with their luggage like walking out. Like in a street that's normally just full of traffic and it's just full of people and like I took of out of there. And then I tried to figure out where I was going and you know by the end of it I like went into red dawn mode, I was going to set up basecamp up in like the mountains where I go snowboarding and I thought like you know I pulled over and I picked up as much cash out of the ATM machine as I could and I got bread and I got water and I got all this stuff and I was driving along and I got this call from a friend of mine that's a promoter in Providence and he was like hey your whole office is worried about I knew you were flying. And I was like no iím just driving. And he was like where are you going. And I was like iím going to the mountains gonna set up base camp. And he was like why donít you come to providence. And so I knew he was like best friends with the mayor at the time and the mayor was like a total monster and had like the whole town wired. And there was an airport there but it wasn't a major airport and they had Southwest and I was wondering if I could get to houston. And I thought okay that's a good place to go to lie low for a little bit and find out what the heck is going on. And I went there for two days and tried to get out but couldn't. And I finally you know had this sudden urge to go back to new york. And so I drove back in.
I remember having a serious panic attack on the subway once like anytime the subway stopped which it did all the time but for some reason for about a year or so after that anytime it was rush hour or anything like that and the subway would stop or something you felt tension you felt like different tension from people. And I totally had a panic attack like in the middle of one just feeling like someone was holding me out a window by my toes. It was like the kind of rush or fear you would feel if that happened. And I remember sitting there and I had just gotten a new CD because in those days we still listened to CDís and I remember just reading the label on the back like over and over again trying to get past it and it did it passed.
Even I went back in January for something and they had built this just immaculate mall kind of structure and train station right at the base thatís right in the whole world trade center complex that was being built. And itís a spectacular piece of architecture. And I remember I went done and went in it and looked up and took some pictures and thought man you know we can still do beautiful things. Even though the world's a crazy place and the rest of it. And forest fires come in and burn things down and then the trees grow back up. And life goes on and someday we won't talk about this anymore.