Chloe Linscomb

As interviewed by Olivia Linscomb, March 20, 2017

Chloe Linscomb In Her Own Words

It just makes me very angry, cause Iím like women should have access to rights like planned parenthood for example, which doesnít just do abortions. It also does like free like breast cancer screenings for breast cancer, and free cancer screenings for ovarian cancer and stuff. It just kind of makes me angry. I mean like iíve never had to get any of that, but um itís just upsetting.

Wendy Davis! Wendy Davis is like my mother, I love her so much. She is so inspirational. I saw her recently and i almost started crying, and she is so frickin wonderful, and sheís so passionate about what she wants to do. I also want to be like her so so much. Also Tegan and Sara, because theyíre wonderful people and they do all that kind of stuff too.

Wendy Davis started another organization once planned parenthood got defunded. And she got all of these people together, and they went to supreme court and they said, hey abortion should not be illegal in Texas anymore, and then it passed! Tegan and Sara have this organization for um, LGBTQIA women to support them with any sort of resources they need and either if you are a trans woman or if you are gay they will help support with different safe spaces.


I feel like yes definitely, but we have a while, we have a long way to go, because um itís just we are still at the point where there is not a lot of representation for women in government and political leadership, so once we get that it might get better.